Mothers are human

I have a great distaste for ‘mothers are superheroes’ because, in actuality, they are not. If we keep referring to them as such, then they will continue to be given superhero duties, and what happens when they can’t fulfill them?.

Mothers are human and deserve human breaks from things that normal humans would need breaks from. Whether you believe it or not, here are a few times your mother was just as human as you;

1. They want to be left alone, just as badly as you want them out of their space. They want you out of theirs. They’re just better at hiding it.

2. To be taken care of. Yes, they want to be spoiled and pampered, too.

3. They want their mothers. It may seem unfeeling and all-knowing, but they too would like to be showered with motherly love.

4. They want quiet. Just for a second, shut up with all your opinions and back talks.

5. Take on new hobbies and passions. They are people and will like the liberty of trying new things and failing.

They, too, would like to experience life, not just watch you live yours.



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