Electric Rides; The wave of the future

Heads up, we are moving into a world of Autotech, at an insane speed and in an electric vehicle- reducing emission and internal combustion.

Thomas Eddison must be so proud, startled even with the possibility that in a short while, autonomous vehicles will replace the regular gas/fuel-powered vehicles and drivers too. In the real sense of it, no one will be ‘getting behind the wheel’ with software engineers creating applications like Uber and Lyft. Their prime concern is providing the luxury of using a car without purchasing one. Electric vehicles are fast replacing drivers.

In California, self-driving cars are being tested and have clocked two million miles.

The world is even more anxious with rumors of Apple working on its self-driven car. The transformation to electric vehicles will take about ten years, giving enough time for companies leading the world through gasoline-powered cars to venture into Autotech. Whether hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric, consumers are ultimately looking for a way to cut costs on transportation by completely eradicating the need for gas.

Although the larger public is concerned about the ability of these vehicles to be as efficient as they’ve seen the former be if we are to consider a cost per mile account, the traditional petrol or diesel car will cost you a quarter or more of what an electric car would. Luckily with its mass emergence into the market, EV cars are slowly becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity, causing a definite drop in the price of acquiring one. Now, there is an EV car available for every budget


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