Nigeria said; Black is beauty

This was typed on a typewriter in a poorly lit bedroom, supported by the candle I bought yesterday with my last hundred naira because I can no longer afford the basic amenities of life and sent to the publishers through a pigeon.

Well, that is the only explanation for how we as Nigerians are still able to continue our lives since the national grid collapsed.

It’s telling how many tribulations we as Nigerians are willing to walk through. There are so many factors involved in the ongoing scenario it almost seems like a movie, like a fiasco where a political aspirant will decide to play hero next year to get votes to the inability of citizens to do an actual protest because look what happened last time.

If you didn’t have your PVC before, get it now, I think we have had enough of old cargo, and are in desperate need of new and pure minds.

Please don’t allow this frustration they have sent into the system to cloud your judgement. They know what they are doing. Don’t sell your votes and your future for penury.


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