Education: ASUU Strike Update

Well, not much of an update, but more of a reminder, that’s why I don’t do much about ASUU, on, here again, I am much like every other Nigerian student frustrated with the back and forth and complete disregard for our education system and being.

ASUU has said;

“We will continue to prosecute the current roll-over total strike until all unresolved issues in the ASUU-FGN MoUs and December, 2020 MoA are properly implemented to logical end,”

It’s almost like even looking forward to school and it’s resumption is futile, the entire situation is just frustrating and both the FG and ASUU are not looking at the situation from a students perspective, it’s all about the money for them.

From FG deciding to settle with ASUU to FG saying they don’t agree with the strike, to ASUU asking for an incredulous amount of money, who is really looking out for the student who’s lives have been placed on hold?.





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