Women’s History Month

I swear by the grave of Funmilayo Kuti!

Welcome to the new month of March, month of joy and aspirations, marching tenderly into your fruitfulness and visions, making pathways for your children to come, molding your future….
Are you still reading?

This is WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH and that is all that matters, today we will be talking about five women in tech.
Five Nigerian women in tech, so my babes that are doubting if they have what it takes realise that there are people just like them doing things they aspire to do.

Enebeli Oluchi:

She works for Bundle Africa as a Blockchain Engineer. She is also the co-founder/CTO of Crevatal, a Blockchain user experience design and development business, and the founder of LadiesDoTech, a community dedicated to developing the ideal African tech lady.

Enebeli Oluchi

Abiola Eniola Aminu:

She works for Flutterwave as a Product Designer.

Eniola Abiola, Product designer at Flutterwave. 

Eniola’s adventure began in 2017 when she received an email from Stutern inviting her to take a three-month UX design course. She worked as a UI/UX Designer intern at Swifta Systems later in 2018.

A personal favourite;

Odunayo Eweniyi, the co-founder and COO of Piggyvest, truly stands out in whichever manner we define it. Here are some of her achievements: She was named one of Time Magazine’s Time 100 for 2021. The Bloomberg 50 will be released in 2020, followed by Forbes Africa’s selection of the 20 New Wealth Creators in Africa for 2019.

Odunayo Eweniyi, Co-founder/COO at Piggybank.

Abeng Blessing:

Simply put, Blessing Abeng is the person you call when you have a big vision for your company but aren’t sure how to get there. She provides unrivaled expertise of the African techmarket and a commitment to organic company growth predicated on a deep understanding of the African consumer to Disha, a tech product for artists and businesses eventually bought by a unicorn or Ingressive For Good.

And finally a special place for you. Set your mind to do something this month for yourself as a woman! For women before you and the ones that will come, for you.

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