Tourism o’ clock: E-interview session with Nancy Nsofor

Gleetz magazine closed in on Nancy Nsofor, one of the very versed young minds faring very well in the tourism space in Nigeria, and the session with her was quite an eye opening one. Below is how she responded to some of the questions asked of her…

Can we meet you? 

My name is Nancy Nsofor. I am the Director of Waka Waka tours and travel. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and hospitality Mgt. from the National Open University, Abeokuta Nigeria.

I am a passionate entity who loves to help people create a lifelong travel experience within Nigeria and West Africa at large, and also help develop processes and strategies for individuals/SME.

Just recently I launched my restaurant business focusing on food and beverage (NICHE FOOD BUSINESS), do well to follow my business pages – @o25fruityzobo @thepastazone.abk @Dezonecuisine we cater for all social and corporate events.

I have authored two books, “The Girl Power” and “TheGuide” (A relatable guide for Tourguides). I was also the Miss Tourism Ogun state 2018/2019.

We understand that you are a tour operator, So how long have you been in the business? 

I have been Tourguiding, and executing tours since 2018 officially.

You are easily the first tour brand that comes to mind as far as Ogun State is concerned. Why Abeokuta/Ogun? 

Well I must say it was first an instruction, secondly we saw opportunity and we decided to embrace it.

Are there challenges? Which one tops the list of challenges you’ve encountered overtime? 

On challenges, the one we face every time especially to our foreign client is the unending convincing of the security state of the country. I can stop here. Anything else is what makes running a business a business if you know you know (winks).*

The pandemic rocked ship across industries, how much did you think it affected the tourism industry, and can such be forestalled going forward? 

The pandemic, Woosh! it rocked ships I must confess, it was the most clueless period of my life, I can’t plan, if I get to even plan, anything can happen, was really a scary period, we pray the travel industry don’t experience such again.

How important is collaboration in this business? 

Collaboration over competition have always been my watchword. So yes it is very healthy especially in the tourism industry I have worked with great like minds like @IBMtours @Jemialadetours and some other top travel companies in the country.

What’s your take on Virtual tourism? 

Virtual tourism is the future of the industry and the earlier we embrace it the better.

What is the role of government in tourism development, and how would you suggest they key in to foster development and sustainability? 

The No. 1 way to tourism sustainability by the government is to include the role of local authorities as facilitation in the development process, private partnership is very important and involving the tourism enthusiasts from crash is a best way to start.

And No. 2 Sustainable tourism planning is very important for tourism development, this requires a process of planning and management that brings together the interests and concerns of a diverse group of stakeholders in a sustainable and strategic way. Any  tourism project not properly planned and managed can leave permanent footprints on the physical, social, cultural and economic environments of destinations.

What’s the average number of people who subscribe to your tour gigs?

It depends on the client or tourist we are providing our services to. So, we have the private tours, group tours which are usually packaged and sold. Private can be just 1 individual and stretch to a family of five (5), ten (10), thirteen (13) while group can be from 20-50/100 for corporate retreat or team bonding.

Is there a travel insurance policy in ground for your clients? 

No travel insurance for now, but we are working on one with an insurance company.

Any advise for youths looking to delve into tourism? 

First after passion, learn the business side of that passion. Very, very important. Plus every zeal comes with challenges but be certain that success awaits you.

Thank you so very much for doing this with us, Miss Nancy. We sincerely do appreciate you allowing us bite into little of your time.

A privilege it is, I must say.


Some pictures of Nancy Nsofor after the cut.

Nancy on TVC news discussing tourism related issues.

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