The Mastery of Time

It’s a figment of the imagination for an average student, constantly stuck on the horns of a dilemma and wondering ‘will I ever be enough’ -Time, ‘will time ever be enough’.

Managing time is a skill that takes discipline to learn, it’s not something vague and abstract that master Shiffu would have to teach you but it can be learnt. A habit they say is built in 20 days, the same can be done, for learning tomanage your time.

Here are a few things you can do to become a master of the art of time management;

1. Starting assignments when they’re given is an underrated skill necessary when learning to manage time as students, there is an inbuilt habit that urges procrastination and then the justification process because ‘everyone does it.

2. Cut off social media: It may not seem like much but the amount of time we spend meaninglessly scrolling through our phones largely eats into the little time we have, thus making it harder to manage.

3. Prioritise your work: Arrange your workload in order of importance and hardness of the work. This way you know what to tackle first so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Learning to be time conscious is a skill that everyone needs and I know with the above and due diligence your 24 hours become efficient for you



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