There’s money in this country. In Lasisi’s voice


So here’s a little backstory; Red dish Chronicles’ Chef stone started his own restaurant, in Abuja, namely Burgundy.

Now for this Valentine period he had a Valentine event for couples and it was charged at 1000 dollars each.

It sold out!

Now fast toward to now, there has been an uproar among Netizens because, well_ Nigerians did not see what they expected to see for a 1000 dollars which is approximately 500,000 naira.

For starters; the advertised location was not the same that was met by the couples and we, who didn’t go there have our opinions and disparities about this event because how will we go there now that he didn’t keep to his words.

One of Nigerian biggest concern was the absence of any real meals, and the supposed gift basket that cost half a million.

This fiasco is a nice distraction from thing that are actually happening in Nigeria like fuel scarcity, no light and the ASUU strike. Sure let’s all pour our frustration on the chef feeding into classism he deserves it anyway.

My take home for you: don’t let this country run you mad, learn from chef stone, scam the rich.


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