Last Minute Val gifts

Well, not unserious_ some people just take a longer time to prepare for things thereby causing them to do rush rush woruworu work, but this doesn’t mean they don’t love you… I think, anywhoo

If you’re part of the list of impromptu planners here are a few things you can get your valentine, just in time for you to wow them with your perfect timing;

1. Fuel: The roads are filled with vehicles and their owners hurling curses at each others and even pedestrians simply because of the fuel scarcity, if you are able to go the extra mile and get fuel for that special someone I assure you that all your sins will be forgiven.

2. Playlist: Nothing slaps like a curated list of music put just together for you, you can even go further by burning it into a disc, let it seem like you think a little thing and made it big just for them.

3. Flowers: Lol not plastic, show that your love is not make shift and is the real deal, get them real flowers, put their enemies to shame.

4. Money: Nothing solves problems like money, you can make a bad meal good by spraying some good money on it.

5. Quality time: Dedicate today to them, if you can’t afford any of the above then just give yourself as the give yourself, if they don’t appreciate break up with them.


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