Experiential Tourism Vs Virtual Tourism

With tourism fast becoming one of the most relatable fields across the world, it’s easy on the eyes to see why people are fond of taking trips out of their usual zone once in a while.

However, there are various types and modes of tourism which have been posited by professionals in the field overtime. Some of the several types include; Cultural, Academic, Health or Medical, Religious, Leisure, and Sports tourism amongst many others_ while some of the modes of tourism experiences include Experiential tourism, Sustainable tourism, Food tourism and Virtual tourism.

In this concise discourse, our attention will major on the Experiential and Virtual tourism, both which are closely dissimilar. The Experiential tourism which can also be called the submersion or immersion tourism entails having a first hand romance with a particular destination where such tourist is afforded the luxury of having a feel of such tourist attraction.

In this form of tourism, tourists have the chance to actively partake in the various activities that abound in the site such as the Culture, Dressing, Food, environment, History and most importantly the people of such community.

On the flip side however, Virtual tourism entails the engagement in tourism activity either through another person’s eyes or via a virtual reality headset (VRH) or other technological equipment. The virtual tourism is mostly known as the hybrid concept of tourism which merges the idea of actuality and simulation to bring a tourist attraction close to people.

That said, below are some of the pros and cons of both forms;

Experiential Tourism (Pros)

• It brings you in contact with the Culture, Infra and superstructures, traditions and the general beauty of the host community.

• You get to take pictures of/with the various consumables at the site.

• It allows you have an exciting sensation where you can see, feel, touch and do a whole lot more.


• For we tourists, travel and tours isn’t expensive, as a matter of fact we believe it enriches not just our purses, but also our minds. But for some, experiential tourism could be expensive considering the cost of traveling and other funds to be expended.

Virtual Tourism (Pros)

• It saves time and cost altogether.

• You get to enjoy some quality sights from the comfort of your home or anywhere.


• Virtual tourism doesn’t offer sufficient tourism experience

• It allows you experience a destination through the eyes of technology instead of your own eyes.

• It doesn’t allow you bond with the local at all, that way, you do not understand the Culture, gastronomy and other features of the destination.

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