Impulse Purchase

Today we are talking about impulse spending; These are like side chicks you don’t want to leave simply for the thrill of it. You see that tingling that comes when you are about to buy something you didn’t plan for and CAN LIVE WITHOUT, it’s common sense leaving your body.

Once you see your fingers straying too long on an Instagram account, turn off your mobile data, better still lock your funds. And if it’s a physical store, what is that thing they said about if it is your legs causing you to sin….

So, we asked a few people some of the most outrageous things they have spent money on and you honestly will not believe some of the things people buy out of the blue

1. Temi: A pack of condoms, my friend organized an orgy…

I have a lot of questions to ask, but okay this, this, I cannot say these will not come in handy cause they are long-term investments if you get what I mean, no one is outchea trying to buy pampers.

2. Anthony: PS4 game,with an S? Funny enough, Yes, I really don’t know why.

No sympathy for this young man, like at all. I just hope your finances don’t play you.

3. Testimony: Iphone12.Out of the blue?

Yup! Don’t worry, I already have EFCC on the line.

4. Daniel: A gun. Impulsive? You? Daniel? No, Never. Hehe

5. Chisom: Piercings worth 6k, I would have gotten more if my friends didn’t drag me away.

Well, we thank God for friends like that, don’t we.

6. Diane: Elf shoes, I don’t know, I really can’t explain. They looked too apt.

Oh god. See what I said about your legs causing you to sin because what is all this?.

7. Somto: Sugar cane, I am broke as fuck but somehow I got money to buy sugar cane, ask me how, I don’t know.

You, Somto have not informed your mind that it is broke, that is why you can still afford sugar cane.

Impulse purchase could wreck your finances if you are not careful, from all these people, we could tell that most of them don’t know why they bought these things, and if you just stopped to think before making some decisions some things could be avoided, don’t let YOLO kill you.

You only leave once_ yes but also make smart choices so you enjoy this one life.



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