World Stop!!!

Rihanna is pregnant, what a great way to start February the month of love, thank you ASAP for shattering the dreams of young black boys everywhere.
As we all know, Gen Z has taken to to the streets to cast their woes and here are a few of the funniest tweets we’ve seen so far.

I don’t understand this test God is putting us true but we’ll get through it together.


No but fr, she probably has a cure for covid if she thinks it’s the right time to birth a child, Rihanna makes no bad choices.


This! This hit me the hardest, how
could she do that to me. How riri


Social crisis just sitting there starting at asap soak up all the clout in that tacky jacket of his

5.Nothing but the truth here.


I’m just gonna leave this here
It’s so hilarious how asap topped the charts and is now the most hated man in the world. Tainting our precious riri smh.

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