Quick fire things to do once you check into a Hotel (Especially in Nigeria)

For some good reason I want to believe this piece would sit well with almost everybody. Given that we all use hotel services_I mean for obvious reasons, we all lodge in hotels once in everywhile. So, this should fly.

Consequently, for active tourists and travelers alike, I’m safe to presume that I did just right by you putting this article together. Well, below are some quick fire things to do immediately you check into your hotel room;

1. Ensure your room door can lock and unlock: For your own sake, kindly check that the room alloted to you has a door that can lock and unlock. And hell yeah, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a card sensored door or a key, just check that you can access the room, and also lock it when you want. I don’t need to hit more on this, I’m sure you already get the drift.

2. Locate the quick get out route: Okay, so this one could easily be missed out if you’re not the finicky type. Most hotels do have maps along the stairs or leading to the elevators, and for some funny reasons we often think it’s just there for fancy. But hey! That might just be what would save your life in case of any emergency. These maps helps you easily find the closest shaft enclosing the stairs, and should you need a quick get away downstairs, you need to figure this out beforehand.

3. Check out every space in the room: Once you’ve just about settled in, take time to check every corner of the room for company. It’s your room, hence nothing should be lurking. To be sure you’re good, simply check for hidden cameras, bugs, mosquitoes and other things. These days hotel occupants find weird items like small gourds and calabashes in hotels. So it appears we can’t be too careful.

4. Call on Arrival: These might be waved aside, but it also makes a lot of sense to call any of your folks once you’re about checking-in. Preferably, you could put this call through the moment you walk into the reception, under the prying eyes of the receptionists. E get why!

5. Use the Safe: Well, it is what it is you’d say. But I’ll still run this last one by you. Your room safe is there for a reason, so use it! Don’t keep valuables like wallets, passports, etc lying around the place on your bed or table, it would cost you nothing to keep them locked away in the safe.

You can share some more in the comment box if you think it would suffice. 

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