5 Reasons your partner will ask you to pick them over a fully funded Scholarship


I just feel like I have to specify that part, the scholarship is not in this country and if you have been offered this golden opportunity but your beloved significant other requests you pick between them and the scholarship, here are a few reasons why and how you should react to the situation.

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1. They would prefer you took their boxer/pant to Babalawo, so you can make use of their destiny since they don’t want you to achieve yours. Peradventure, you get there and find out they do not have such a bright future, you can go for an outing with their family and just stylishly take a family picture of them then show the baba and ask him to pick the one with the brightest future.

2. They are staring in a poorly funded reality show and it’s ‘prank your partner’ episode. While it’s sad to be the butt of the joke of such a low rating show, its better than believing someone you believe you love actively trying to work against your progress.

3. They have access to the kind of generational wealth that no generation has ever come in contact with, In fact this wealth, can never expire it replenishes itself.

4. They are mad.

5. They are very mad

I hope now you understand now, why someone you love will ask you to make such a stupid decision and you, my dear friend need to run for your dear life.


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