Top 6 Things to note when you are solivagant

Embarking on a solo trip is quite a far cry from traveling in a group. As a result, people tend to feel the urge to be extra careful while traveling solo, in fact according to facts gathered from tourists, some of them feel very jittery while touring solo.

However, all of that is about to stop. I’ve managed to put together a few tips to help you feel more relaxed and enjoy your solivagance.

1. Be confident – Remember that when on a solo trip, you’re 90% probable to be all by yourself, except of course you get company at some point. However, no matter what happens, ensure to stay confident, conscious, and never be caught looking feeble or naive. Otherwise, anyone can simply take advantage of your naivity.

2. Plan Ahead – Well, you don’t have to wave off the place of planning like it’s nothing. If for anything at all, planning is everything, this includes mappings, sortings, and literally Putting decent plans in place. A detailed planning limits your chances of being screwed while wandering alone.

3. Keep your folks in the loop – Very Very Very important. Well, for your safety, be sure to keep your every moves known to your most trusted folks back home. Should you get into a nadir of any sort, they’ll be able to keep tabs on you.

4. Make a few new friends – This should be easy for the extroverted ones. If you’re on a solo trip, you might want to loosen up a bit, let your guard down and let someone come in. That way you get to make one or two new friends, and who knows_ they just might make your tour worthwhile. But remember number one above, don’t be caught being gullible or naive.

5. Engage in food tour – One of the most intriguing things to do on a trip is having a taste of some of the meals the locals have for you. Enjoying the local gastronomy of the destination has a way of sticking in your memory for a long time, Plus it’s one of the things you should venture into, especially considering that it’s a solo trip and it won’t hurt. But be careful of how much you eat at the same time, make belle no go run you. LOL!

6. Take pictures away – Of course I don’t need to tell you how important this part is. However, you should give thought to going with your camera props like your phone holder, camera tripod etc. You might not find someone to help you out with pictures most of the times, and we all know there’ll always be photo ops, so you can easily help yourself with these gears.




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