5 Trip mistakes to Avoid (especially as a tourist)

In recent times there have been questions surrounding some of the things to avoid while traveling. And it doesn’t matter whether the trip is inbound or outbound. This piece easily suffices for both types of travel endeavour.

In a nutshell, below are some of the mistakes to avoid while planning or on a trip;

1. Book flight weeks ahead: This applies to both outbound and inbound travellers. I can categorically tell you from a professional angle that booking your flight many weeks ahead of time doesn’t just save you the stress of being anxious, but it also helps you get a very fair fare. Booking or making flight reservations close to your departure date would mean that there could be some hike in the flight rates.

2. Double check your arrival airport: So, this applies to outbound travelers. Certain destinations have two or more airports. Hence, there’s the need to be super careful and crystal clear on the arrival airport you select while making reservations. For instance, London has Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, and other airports which are all available for picks on the GDS or airline sites. If you are heading for the UK, you should be sure to select the exact airport of arrival to save yourself plenty troubles on arrival.

3. Don’t stray off your budget: This is just common knowledge. You simply have to cut your coat according to your cloth, in this case stay within your budget otherwise you might just get stranded.

4. Be Culturally sensitive: You are headed for a new destination, and it’s only natural to meet with the locals of that particular location. This is why you need to be sensitive about happenings around you, and try your best to respect the culture of the people. Plus never mud or ignore advice from your new hosts.

5. Don’t take directions gullibly: Apparently you’re new, so it’s okay to ask around at some point when the routes seem confusing, and perhaps your map isn’t doing enough to let off. However, when taking direction from the locals, try to double-ask from two or three persons before proceeding. Chances are that the first person might be wrong, but you’re better off when you reconfirm from two or three other people.




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