#JusticeforSylvester: Justice subverted again?

It was a heartbreaking moment for all of us on the 1st of December when the internet was shook with tweets from the uncle of Sylvester Oromoni, A 12 year old student of dowen college that died as a result of bullying.

Dowen school made a statement, a very unfortunate statement, claiming that Sylvester’s injuries were sustained during a routine football match.

Netizens did not keep shut nevertheless which forced the Lagos State Government to shut down the school indefinitely, while it opened up an investigation into the case.

Going forward, Sylvester’s parents came out to say that the young boy listed a few names before he died.

The Lagos state police arrested the housemaster and a few suspects, their names weren’t released but they were arrested on the 7th.

On 5th January 2022, the Lagos State Government announced its final ruling on Sylvester’s case, clearing all suspects, including Dowen College, of any role in the alleged murder.

Well now, Schools are resuming and Dowen is among them, Delta youths have taken to the streets to protest against its reopening because truly justice has not yet been served


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