Life of a Naija Student

This is purely a rant!

Student life is hard, especially in this wretched country, where everything is specifically designed to work against you, not rich, not old Nigerian citizen, have much worse,

That my dear friends is the typical definition of a student.

The entire system is specially created to crumble if you try to go in the direction that works for you.

It’s like you are set up for failure and it fucking sucks.

Let me stop all this back and forth and hammer on the money aspect, yes we laugh and joke about sapa butttttt that motherfucker is reallll.

With prices hiked because of how terrible the economy is getting and Nigerian parents being the ever not so understanding set of people combined with the fact that economy is also mean to them. It’s harder to ask for your allowance even so an increment because indomie is now N3000.

One carton, not two

God have mercy.

Now the stress, omoh, the stress.

These lecturers treat students like the scum beneath their feet, like they begged to be here, like they’re doing us a favor. It’s very suffocating I tell you.

The entire country is on survival mode and student have lost two lives,because sometimes it feels like we’re just walking on eggshells.

Don’t do this

Do that

Go here

Don’t go here

Just let me fucking breathe.

I’m not even going to dive into societal standards and expectations.

I need small 500k and a trip to Hawaii.



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