Text Abbreviations

Gen z’s are at it again, shortening words like their lives depends on it, sometimes these things come in handy, you know like how they say short hand would be useful for us, they lied.

So we created our own shorthand
Here are some of the abbreviations we use

I personally only use this one when there is nothing even remotely funny about what was being said. Like your joke was so funny I forgot to laugh lol  lwkmd(laugh out loud, laugh wan kill me die)

What are you doing rn? (right now) in my opinion this is one of the most useful shorts

Now this I use when you actually crack me up like “😭😂😂😂😂😂dfkm” (don’t fucking kill me)

A new personal favorite because ma fi ejo pa mi (don’t use talk to kill me)

Just so you know

This gives me a nolly feeling. You know the vibes

Please don’t ever use this, it is a poor description of sorry

When I say something depressing and would like to spice it up a bit, fuck my life

9.Fgs, ffs
For gods sake
For fucks sake
Whoever you worship will do

I usually use two of this for emphasis, fr fr
(For real for real)

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