Lessons from Davido’s Challenge

Recently davido took to instagram to do what, if a regular person had done, would be called bambiala but you know this life is not balanced.
But still we could learn one or two things from what David has done;

1. We rise by lifting others
Davido overtime has proven he is peoples’ person and goes overtime to help people, so when he calls for help, people will help him.

2. A closed mouth is a closed destiny
If you don’t ask you cannot receive

3. Who pride help?
30 billion geng oga no get pride na you wan come get pride, I piru you

4. Who is in your circle?
I dinner say go and unfriend all your friends because they don’t have 1 million naira but surround yourself with people who love you and will move mountains for you.

5. No go do pass yourself
On that note, don’t go and promise what you cannot fulfill oo

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