Movie Review: DUNE

Movie review

Say hello to the love child of Star Wars and GOT. I will have to admit, this movie knocked me out the first two times I tried to watch it.

Then I decided to give it another go and while the SPOILER ALERT end was greatly unsatisfactory, I guess this movie was kind of like an appetizer, to wet our taste buds for a spin off that will no doubt be released a lot of months from now.

To be fair, it is a book adaptation and those, in this particular genre, tend to be a tad different, different in the sense that if it’s not something you usually watch it may put you off.

Dune is an intense and fascinating science-fiction and that is what I love about it, the science part really kept me to my seat.


Combined with the amazing visuals and brilliant actors, I actually can’t wait for the next part.

My favorite part was honestly staring at zendaya but anywhoooo, I rate it 4 out of 5


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