Lifestyle: Adulthood is draining and boring

In all honesty I believe I can’t possibly be the only one piqued to talk about this. With the way things are going, and every single product is seemingly sky rocketing price-wise, it’s becoming evident that this adulthood thingy is tougher than we all imagined. And another fly in the ointment is that everybody is now overly serious, and it makes it all boring mystifying.

Tomorrow, someone is adding a new year, and in another day or month you too will be flipping a new chapter in your life. Yet it appears we are kinda stuck to a spot just as we were last year. I mean for someone like me, I’m indifferent about all of these_ at least so I make it seem, but in truth na lie.

Deep down, we all are somewhat concerned. Especially when you see any of your age group pulling stunts, and you are like “sebi we all agreed that this country is hard na”. Lol!!!

Well, it’s hard but we simply can’t stay rooted to a spot because of that. People are still getting jobs, well some are losing theirs too, but then things are still happening. People are still shutting down wedding halls every Saturday. So definitely things still dey occur.

So, if you feel like that your salary is too meagre to do something tangible with, or you are part of the sect that believes love is hard to find these days, so you’re single to stupor or perhaps it’s even neck breaking getting ‘ordinary’ clients to patronize you_ My dear you’re not in it alone. We all are. And yes! The country is truly hard. But we’ve also come too far to give up, don’t you think?

Instead of mopping and feeling like the burden of the whole world is on your tiny shoulders, just brace up, think through, Hang out, meet people, fashion new ideas to make something work, that thing you’re all about_make it work however way, and I’m sure the efforts will be worth it.

And lest I forget, this is not a motivational piece o, cos in truth we all are in this together. But I just say make I ginger us small, plus na who give up fuck up o.

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