Tourism & Hospitality: Top 5 ideal destinations for vacationers in Nigeria

As the year winds up, it’s only natural to look out for beautiful spots where you can spend your well deserved vacation after working your asses out all year long.

Consequently, I have decided to put together a few destinations that would suffice abundantly. After all, that’s why I’m your Tour-Chale. Below are some of the finest getaway locations in Nigeria, for those who wish to spend the break within the shores of the country.

1. Obudu Mountain Resort, Calabar

Seated on a finely large space in Cross river state, Calabar is one of the most enthralling and sight pleasing sites in Nigeria. The Obudu Mountain Resorts and ranch is undoubtedly some beauty, and that’s to say the least. For more, the attraction prides itself as arguably the finest tourist destination in the country.

Obudu Mountain resort

The Obudu mountain resort is located on the highlands of Cross River, and most notable for presenting visitors the chance to cruise on a cable ride, one which is believed to be the longest in Africa_ which extends from the bottom of the mountain through the spiral road to the topmost part of the resort. Now just imagine the site that your eyes would behold from inside the cable ride, just emmageneee!. Well, that’s not even all. There are beautiful Chalets at the resorts for lodgers amongst other attractions that can’t be exhausted in one piece, plus the foggy display freely given by nature at the resort. That shit is heavenly!!!.

2. Almat Farms, Abuja

So it’s practically the second or third time I’m writing about Almat farms. A luxurious and startling getaway destination sitting gorgeously somewhere within Abuja metropolis.

Almat farms

Almat farms is a conscious blend of agri and eco-tourism. And not just that. It is also a very exotic site that presents the beauty of nature on a plate, while matching it with perfect hospitality, serenity, Sports, flora and fauna. Now, if that isn’t beautiful, then I don’t know what is.

3. Le Méridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Okay, so this one is also super beautiful. And perhaps it explains why it is fondly called the pride of Uyo. The Le Méridien Ibom Hotel and Gold resort is one of the finest and most exquisite hotels in Nigeria. The hotel which is understood to be sitting on about 135 hectares of land oozes class in all it’s excellence and the fact that it blesses visitors with the chance to experience the beauty and lushness of it’s golf course is absolutely out of this world.

Le Méridien Ibom hotel

All of these and more makes Le Méridien a hotspot for tourists and visitors alike, and it is surely a good spot for vacationers.

4. Lighthouse Beach House

This all-inclusive beach house which is a blend of comfort, bliss and hospitality is practically one of the best beach fronts in the country. The Lighthouse beach which bodes well for a beach hotel affords visitors the chance at comfort, beaching and enjoying some quality amount of peace from the comfort of the well structured apartments available at the site.

Lighthouse beach house

The destination also offers access to free internet, parking space, ocean sights and sounds, many more. If you wish to have a good time away from all the stress, the Lighthouse beach house in tarkwa Bay, Lagos is your go-to spot.

5. Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Ilesha, Osun

Surrounded by nature’s beauty, hills and greenery is the Zenababs Half Moon resort. Carefully sitting on plenty acres of land in Osun State, Nigeria. The resort is an absolute stunner and a perfect spot for peace loving tourists and visitors. The tranquility and serenity offered by this destination is just one of the plenty perks this place has in stock for visitors.


Amongst other perks are lovely chalets for lodgers, a fitness club, sophisticated Spa, Darts hall and bar, Wild life park and bird watching, as well as a boating lake and lots more.

So, if you are thinking of holidaying somewhere in the country, these are some of the finest spots to check out. And yeah, what are friends for? You really don’t need to thank me, I’m simply just looking out for you as your tour-chale, like my GH friends call me.

See you next time.

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