Adele; “Easy on me” Review

She’s back and as soulful as ever. Adele, as usual appeals to the average woman, saddened by the wails of life and another heartbreak but still has the will power enough to get out of bed and look gorgeous for herself.

With her voice still as stern and powerful as it was in hello, as assertive as rumor has it, she presents us the delicate gift of easy on me, not the typical cry for help of a coming of age woman drowning in the world or trying to beg her lover to be gentle with her heart, this song is dedicated to her 9 year old child.

Source: Sony music Korea

Being the lyrical genius, she will continue to be, she is able to phrase this message in a way that we will all be able to relate to it.

It also reminds us once more to decenter heterosexual relationships, sometimes the person causing you heartache is not your lover, it could be your brother and it would still be as passionate.

The song takes us on an emotional rollercoaster where we carefully assess who we are, on the inside, awakens child like joy, pain and anger in us.

Emotions that are okay to feel.








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