Scenic drives: Another way to relax and unburden

The idea of emabrking on a scenic ride has not really been overly considered by many, especially in this part of the world. However, it may interest you to know that it is one of those many ways to relax and unease after so many weeks of working your ass out.

Scenic drive or ride is a concious act of taking a ride in a car, preferably your own car with friends or lovers ones, generally people of like minds who can make the drive worth the while. So, while at it, ensure to pick a less traveled route with loads of attractive scenes and breathtaking landscapes scattered around. That way, you get to slow-drive, gist, munch on some edibles, soft drinks and literally enjoy the whole cruise.

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In truth, it might sound funny and some might be indifferent about the whole drift, but trust me it is something you should try out sometimes.

Below are a few things to consider while going for your sceninc drive;

• Ensure to pick a less traveled route, that way you don’t end up getting trapped in traffic. That would most likely turn you off and you’ll end up getting tired instead of relaxing.

• Go on a scenic drive with people of like minds. The ride shouldn’t be boring, and in order to forestall boredom, you need to be in the car with friends, or just people you’re comfortable with. Could even be your family.

• Don’t go on a scenic ride without packing a few edibles. It could be snacks or just junks with some soft drinks. It’s advisable not to pack alcohol, and you already know why. You can also hold some cash to purchase more items while on the drive.

• It is a cruise and scenic ride, so there’s the need to take it easy on the turtle. You don’t need to speed as though you’re running to catch an appointment. Just take it slow, turn on the car stereo and vibe as you gently accelerate.

• Don’t forget to have your phones and cameras powered. If you end the drive to and fro without taking pictures, then you would have broken the tour-travel law.



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