Money saving tips

From the real broke bitch..

These days it’s like banks have employed professional leeches who suck on our account balance and one day you have 10k, 24 hours later, you’re wondering where 7k went. I’m here to give you some tested and trusted tips on how to be as money prudent as humanly possible, for the seemingly poor.

1. Don’t buy on impulse: Some humans have this bad habit (self sub) of ordering items they don’t entirely need but just because they want it. This month is just starting and you should decide that through out December there will be no unnecessary spending.

2. Eat at home: Yes, there is rice at home, it may not be as tasty or stress free as the one you drove past on your way back from work but sapa is also very not tasty.

3. Have a spending target for each week: This is not easy but it is required. Create a budget for yourself and don’t go over it. Every time you want to go over it, ask yourself what would Jeff Bezos do.

4. Save Actively : Whether it’s a kolo or a PiggyVest account, make sure you are saving something somewhere. Don’t eat with your two hands.

5. Don’t do Ojukokoro; I cannot overemphasis this, my people no do pass yourself!!!!









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