Wine Tourism: A trip through the world’s finest wines and vineyards

It is true that people travel for different purposes and it usually comes with great fulfilment when that itching desires to travel are met, and more so when the entire trip is worth it.

Tourism is all about the idea that you travel without the intention of returning that same day. It opines that you spend at least a day in the new location, but not more than a year_ of course with various tourism related activities being carried out in the process.

People travel for cultural, Health, Religious, Adventures and several other purposes. But one intriguing aspect of travel and tourism that has not been well explored, especially in this part of the world is “Enotourism” or simple put – Wine tourism.

Wine tourism is a proposal to allow the traveler or tourist to make a true submersion in the history, aroma, and flavors of viticulture. During this period, such entity explores the various array of wines, take guided tours through the vineyards, participate in harvesting, wine tasting and generally understanding the wine culture. Plus, they also get to purchase some of the wines if they desire.

Make no mistake, wine tourism could also be a subset of Cultural tourism. Well for me, it is, considering that tourists end up immersing themselves in the culture of the host community while partaking in the breathtaking winery session that often spans over an hour. Vintage yeah?.

Although, the whole idea of Enotourism started somwhere in Germany around the 20th century where wine routes were developed, it further spread to France and other parts of Europe. Today, countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Chile, Australia and many others have grown to become homes to some of the most exquisite wines in the world.


So, what do you think about Enotourism? Do you think you’d like to partake in wine tourism sometime?.

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