Gist from the Met Gala 2021

For those who do not know, the theme for this year’s Met gala was; ‘American independence’ and to some extent we can say a few of the guest ate it.
And a few…

Well one man’s meat is another man’s poison. About the fits, it was almost like there was this new secret book on fashion and these celebrities ripped a page out of it. The excitement may be due to the fact that last year, we did not get to witness this due to the pandemic, fortunately, this year, the show was back on the road.

Pharell Williams and wife, Helen

The Met Gala, 2021. Is a fundraising benefit for the metropolitan museum of art in New York city.

September is fashion month and while the gala is usually held on the first Monday of may, it was postponed and coincidentally held in this month. Hence why the high stakes of fashion that was set.


From flashy, star spangled ensembles to Americana motifs, this year was no different from the others in creating memorable outfits.

It was the biggest fashion night at its usual location and was in celebration of the costume’s newest institute exhibition; In America A lexicon of fashion.
Billie Eilish, the youngest co-chair in history spiced up the event with her huge peach ball gown, the other hosts; Amanda Gorman, vera wang and Amanda Gorman wore a breathtaking cobalt blue costume and a diamond laurel wreath in hair.

Enough talk, here a few of our fav looks;

1. Heron Preston
2. Evan mock
3. Pharrell Williams
4. Lil nass x
5. Cordae

Our worst?
1. Pete davison
2. Michael Samuel soon
3. Jennifer lopez
4. Ella emhoff
5. Ciara

Jennifer Lopez

Pete Davison


So, what are yours? Let us know.


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