The richest man in Lagos

The richest man in lagos shares some tips on how to make money online.

I’m sure you’ve seen those click bait articles with all these incredolous names, well I tapped the link to find out what they write in those things and because of the love and understanding we share, I have come to share it with you.

Well, for starters, the picture of the man attached to the link is not the same as the generic pictures of a young man in ‘wealth’ they showed after. But you can never tell, maybe the money really did change him.

The storytelling is beautiful, if not that it’s an obvious bait, the story is so touching, and gullible people would easily fall victim to it.

It wasn’t essentially a scam because they only wanted me to download an app like that for trading or something it was probaly just a way to ensure people download the app because thos flashing ads on pages that I cannot get rid of are quite annoying.

He did actually share some tips most of them reverting to downloading thier application.
It was intresting to see the extent the company would go for an advert to reach the customer. I am in no way encouraging you to tap tthose links, some of them may be hackers waiting to get into your system or something like that.

So you don’t have to do, we did.

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