Tourism and Climate change

On today’s episode of touristy with your regular tourism expert Kayode Adegunloye, we would take a deep dive into the relationship that exists between climate change and tourism.

It’s a no brainer that the tourism sector is quite vulnerable to climate change. Well, for the neutrals_ what exactly is climate change? In simple terms, Climate change is the long-term alteration of temperature and typical weather patterns in a certain place at a particular time. And this can be due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels, like natural gas, oil, and coal.

Now, one might want to wonder how the aforementioned affects tourism, considering that both terminologies aren’t quite on the same wavelength.

However, I’m sorry to say this. But yeah, climate change can indeed affect tourism a great deal. First of, it could affect the landscape and ecological biodiversity where both the flora(flowers/plants) and fauna (animals) of tourism are greatly dealt with. Furthermore, it could also interfere with tourists choice of destination at a given time.

That said, it’s safe to say that because tourism has a huge connection with the natural environment, this makes it pretty much susceptible to climate change.

In the same manner, considering that tourism is an economic sector, and several nations of the world have been able to steer towards its direction to boost their economies, it’s therefore imperative to note that if Climate changes causing the closure or total cancellation of tourism attractions, this would affect the arrival of tourists, and also the host community who won’t have enough revenue to boast of.

After all said and done, it begs the question, “How do we manage climate change”?. A lot is involved, and below are just a few of the lot;

• Managing of water supply

• Planting of more trees

• Be conservative with energy use, as it’s a great way of preventing pollution.

• Learn to recyle

• Use renewable energies

• And most importantly, educate one another about this.



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