Fashion & Lifestyle: Pros and cons of fast fashion

Fast fashion, exploitative, affordable and in the long run makes use of dehumanizing methods of production to satisfy customers. As the name implies is basicaly a term coined around young people indulging themselves in cloting styles as quickly as they come.

You may not know it but you have been a beneficiary and encourager of fast fashion, purchasing from Zara or H&M, the two giants of fast fashion or even GAP or Topshop.
Not considering the production process fast fashion decribes low-priced but stylish clothing that meets trends.

Now, this increase in purchasing and decrease in quality combined with the speed of replacement creates a large amount of clothing waste, because clothes produced under fast fashion makes clothes harder to reuse and recycle.

It also creates increased pollution and environmental social impacts. We can curb these effects with sustainable/zero-waste fashion.
From an environmental perspective, as buyers, we can try to purchase from companies ensure efficient and careful use of natural resources.

Also companies that work to improve working conditions of thier workers on the field. While Sustainable fashion is about product, and process. It is also about consumption and use.

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