Surviving in Nigeria as a creative

There are only three occupations that exists in nigeria, Doctor, lawyer and engineer, every other thing is a meh and displeasing not just to the typical parent but the society.

It’s annoying because, being a Nigerian is bad enough, being an unconventional Nigerian adds a troublesome mix to the pot of soup. And that is how creatives, here, are regarded too as.

One of the stereotypes, we have had to break is “the sudden show of creativity is as a result of depreciation in another aspect of life”. Which by the way I find nothing wrong with the schol of thought as necessity is the mother of inventions.

One thing I like to remind people nonetheless is that you do not really have to prove yourself to anyone, surviving as a creative here there can be this constant nagging that you have to make someone, some people but being a creative should be about making yourself happy.

It shouldn’t be a struggling journey, one filled with ups and downs but remember to do you, for you.


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