Train trip: The scenic views that accompanies it

Welcome to your ideal travel and tours spot, touristy!. Today I’ll be keeping you in the loop regarding a few things that you should know about an aspect of traveling and tours alike.

In truth, it might sound like a cliche, but trust me it’s not. As a matter of fact, the title might, but the piece itself is a break from the norm. You probably haven’t perused something like it.

So, straight into it_ this discourse will be geared towards Scenic cum train trips. After combing the area and doing a random survey, 75% of the entire sample haven’t been on a train before.
Now, that’s totally fine, and it’s not even a crime to not have been on a train. However, the crux of the gist is that the scenic views that hits your eyes while on the train is worth experiencing.

Source: Naijaexplorers

Presently, Train stations are either being revamped or newly built across Nigeria and the railway system coupled with new tram-like trains are already in use. I know you like the sound of that, but wait till you experience it first hand, only then will you understand what a swift scenic session is all about.

It might look like you get almost same from a road trip, but it’s not the same. The ambiance, comfort, pleasure and the chance to take post worthy videos of various window side scenes is drop-dead beautiful.

I’d like for you to think about this_ a first class train trip from Lagos to Ibadan, where you’re seated comfy, phones plugged to the readily available charging ports, your back rested on those plane-like seats and ears plugged as you vibe to good musicals from your mobile phone while also gazing at the beautiful sites outside the train.


Did you get that? Have you imagined that already? Exactly! That’s what I’m talking about.

So, consciously go on that swift scenic escapade via a train trip and come back to tell me how much fun you had. For now, there are trains navigating Lagos to Ibadan, Ibadan to Abeokuta and with time, there would be more. Probably!.

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