4 newly released songs you should copy

Nation wide, there’s a lot of new music coming out within this period but we have highlighted a few that I would personally recommend.

1. Sinner

2. Understand

3. Money and laughter

4. Mizzle, in the dark

I think it’s safe to say, the love we all love AG baby and in his new song, featuring lucky daye he reminds us why.

I may be prejudiced to the second song because i am a proud member of the ‘omah ladies’ movement and yes, i was part of the people who ingested this new piece of beauty like hot bole.

Money and laughter, Boj, Zamir and Amaarae.

At the end of the day, all we want in this life is “money and laughter” next time you meet someone who is interested in your plans for you future, play this song.

I think we would all recall a time on social media (Twitter) where this fine Yoruba boy with nose piercing used to make mimics of popular artist’s sounds, yea?

That’s mizzle and that sweet voice and vibe he had offer in those short videos you get to hear on his 16 minutes long Album.

What other new release are you waiting for, or enjoyed?


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