Soundgasm: A sex piece from the top shelf

Rumor has it that Rema is taking notes from blaqbonez and with the lyrical prowess he showed to us in Soundgasm, I think it is safe to say that it is true.

I have made a list, of the few things people love, not just about Rema but that particular song.

1. The opening adlibs:

Rema is known for his Indian style of singing, the way he always sounds like he’s trying to control snakes and that has stood out as his style, it’s no surprise to us that he used this ability to entice us.

2. The very sexy background track:

If you are a fan of 90’s music, you would know that they did a lot of this, using sex sounds as bridges and outro like it was nothing.
Be careful when playing songs like this is public though…..
You were warned.

3. The ending:

This, is just mind blowing.
The sound effects, the words, the voice.
It’s the perfect addition to that sex playlist.


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