Health & lifestyle: Top four to-do after sex

I know most of us will pretend like we are not ready for this convo, but it’s a lie. And that’s why I’m writing this. You can’t throw me slurs, just peruse and let it sink laikdat.

So, facts and figures have shown that the larger percentage of the world population engage in sexual activities on a daily basis. E shock you?.

People have sex from time to time, and it’s funny how there are still oversights once the action is done and dusted. But don’t worry, that’s why you have me.

So I’ve put together a concise list of what you should do once you’re climbed and descended that “mountain”. And here they are down below;

1. Storm into the restroom: Yeah right, your read that well. It’s very important that you find your way to the bathroom once you’re done. You need to clean up, and ease yourself. This allows you dispel bacteria and what have you that you might have come in contact with. Plus you get to also run a warm bathe to straighten you up.

2. Get hydrated: As a matter of fact, this prolly should come first. It’s cool to simply have your water bottle next to the “playground”, just like players on the pitch. So, once you’re done, you grab it and gulp it all up. It helps to keep your energy levels up and keep you in shape.

3. Let in some air: There’s no point trapping yourself back into a tight cloth after the action. Except of course It’s a quickie down the hallway. If anything at all, it’s the right time to remain unclad or wear breathable fabrics to let your genitals get adequate ventilation.

4. Grab something to eat or drink: For obvious reasons na. You need to regain some of the lost energy. Eat if you can, and If you can’t, get something energy-giving to drink. It goes a long way in putting your body back in the right frame.

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