Chronicles of saving

Spending money is one of the quickest reflexes we have as people, especially when small 5k enter hand.
All the food vendors are suddenly not so outrageous and you YOLO yourself into poverty once ma. Mumu no dey tire you?

We understand how addictive it gets when you could just literally transfer money out of your account and have that item you’ve been craving for.
But here’s what you can do to help;

1. Use piggyvest: Transfer a percentage of the money you are not using to your savings, it seems hard at first but after a while you forget you have the money, except if Sapa hook you.

2. Don’t hold cash: Yes, the world is digitalized but we know how stubborn nigerians are and backwards too, so not having cash at hand, will not allow you do impulse spending.

3. Try discipline: You fit just try make up your mind say you no go spend money, how you see am?

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