Ilaji resorts: A mix of beautiful rurality and urbanity

Few days ago, Ilaji resorts hosted us to great effect. The aftermath was a sweet taste that won’t easily go away.

Today, on touristy I’ll give you a load down of how my last trip to Ilaji resorts went down. Ilaji resorts is seated on about 300 acres of land somewhere in Akanran, somewhere in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Undoubtedly a beautiful site that cuts it for both urban and rural set up, although others might have misgivings about the latter, but personally I think it’s a spot that soothens the soul and can also give that rural ambiance while also serving you some urbanized chills.

Ilaji resorts is a relaxation spot, and some of the facilities in this expansive location includes several chalets for lodgers, Lawn tennis court, Football pitch (a very beautiful turf, I got sold by the sight of it), Basketball court, Handball court, Swimming pool of various sizes, a mini gold court, and what they call a zoo, albeit I’d rather call it a ranch because it doesn’t have the cleanliness that a regular zoo should have. Plus there are just a few animals in there.

After taking a walk around the premises, we stumbled on the artificial beach being worked on, and it’s said to be the first artificial beach in the country. (Don’t ask me if it’s true).

What’s the idea? 

Well, what else? Relaxation of course. It’s a tourist attraction that seamlessly suits the mind. You get to rest, relax, unwind and even take a walk. Coupled with the quietude, it’s super soothing.

However, according to the strategist, he clearly stated that they would equally be delving into travels and Tourism pretty soon.

What to wear? 

Trust me, anything is fine to wear. So long it suits you. Yeah I dare say so, because it’s simply a site that doesn’t require a special kind of outfit, except of course you intend to swim, play some court games that would require kits. Otherwise anything is fine to chill at Ilaji resorts.

Location and how distant?

Ilaji resorts is located at Akanran in Ona Ara local government area of Oyo State, Nigeria. Once you’re within Ibadan, then you are very close to the spot, depending on where exactly you’re navigating from. From the popular Iwo road, it’s about 1 hour 15 minutes to the site.

What is the cost? 

Their chalets go for as fair as N10,000 per night and more. However, if you’re visiting just to explore the site, then the entry fee is a meagre N1000 only. And it covers for all the facilities.


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