Behind the scene

Have you ever wondered how I come up with these wonderful articles you read ? You probably haven’t, but I will tell you anyway.

1. Procrastination: Them supposed don fire me by now. Then there’s American Dad. I am currently in Season 17 and just casually start watching it when I got stuck.

2. Cornflakes: Specifically, cornflakes + Milo + milk. Try it, thank me later.

3. Aimless wander: I walk around aimlessly look for people’s trouble and run before they catch me.

4. Twitter: I get upset about the things that are trending and furiously think I should do something about it. While scrolling, I remember that I have to write articles and close the app quickly.

5. Instagram: I open Instagram after I close Twitter, completely forgetting why I closed it.

6. Reflection: I should be doing something, I know I should, I just can’t remember.

7. Gist: I and gist with my friends. Omo! I am supposed to send something tomorrow and I have nothing down, I need to write.


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