Other ways to straighten your rumpled clothes

I can’t exactly pin point what season we’re in now in Nigeria, all we know is it’s affecting our light and drip.

Cause you can’t iron your clothes, so you can’t wear it and cause you’re literally dripping sweat..

Anyway,, I have put together a not so tested or trusted list of things you could do if you need to iron your clothes when there’s no light.
What’s that thing road authorities place when they want to absolve themselves of blame.
Yes, advice is taking at owners risks.

1. Wear it like that; If anyone asks, tell them rumpled clothes are what’s in season.

2. Use a pot; A clean one, put it on fire and do your thing.

3. Sleep on the clothes the day before;
Ensure you fold it neatly first, if you don’t want to have harzados ghetto lines.

4. Why do you have clothes that need ironing?
Are you 90?

No 90 year olds were hurt in the writing of this piece.

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