Revisit your resolutions

Yes, I am going to be THAT guy!

Debbie, I am only doing this because I love you and we both know that since you wrote down in that little book of yours that you’ll love God more and go to church more often you have only gone there once and that was because they were doing free eye test.

Look, I’m not here to drag anyone, apart from you, Femi.
I just want to remind you to look at those resolutions right now and look how far you’ve come, if you haven’t that’s okay, if you didn’t write any down, that is also okay, you don’t have a plan for your life.

The key note from this post ladies and gents, is progress.
It way seem like everyone around you is moving at this amazing pace and all you do is cheer them on, which is correct, not to sound like a broken record but your time will come, unless you are Femi who’s only resolution is to break more hearts than last year.

It may seem like a Longshot but just chill and keep doing you.

Not you Femi!

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