Best ways to curb your phone addiction

We have all seen that meme where you wake up in the morning and first thing you do is scroll through your phone like a newspaper.

If you haven’t you are probably more capable of writing this than I am.

Technology, these days has become so accessible it’s addictive and if you don’t know when to stop you may be reeled into the world of reels, get it?

1. Write out a to-do list for a day and stick to it:

Staying off your phone will take a lot of determination and if you don’t have that, there’s no point continuing from here, you go on now.

Now that I have the attention of like minded individuals, this list does not necessarily have to be on a piece of paper, it can be in your phone….

Oh okay, bad idea.

2. Put your phone on airplane mode when you wake up:

Contrary to the last opinion this is not a tautology and will actually enable you get work done quicker.

3. Freeze your apps:

This is like when you save money, I’m not sure if this option is available on all phones but I know it is on Tecno and after freezing an app, you basically forget it exists.

Again, the key word is determination.

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