Even the Super league dropped points

The footballing world has been without much semblance of order these past few days, no thanks to the infamous Super league football being yearned for by some top club owners across Europe.

However, a new breathe of air appears to be filling the air after several fans’ furore and ventilation of their displeasure towards the super league move. As it is, most of the 12 clubs who indicated initial interests have pulled out of the association, Chelsea who dropped valuable points last night being one of them. Seems the super league has ended even before it started.

Meanwhile, talking about dropping points. The EPL appears not to have anything like a chasing pack at the moment, because barring a massive decline that would culminate into huge points dropped here and there, Manchester city should easily clinch the EPL trophy this season. The so-called chasing packs keep dropping points, and the blues being the latest culprit.

They needed a win against a stubborn Brighton side to move straight into the top 4, although they did move into that spot, but with one leg hanging in the balance. Their performance didn’t quite match the passion and urgency earlier displayed by fans outside Stamford bridge before the kick off. And had luck not smiled on them, they could have easily lost.

As it is, asides the two Manchester sides, one can’t really predict the other two clubs that would make the final slots.

Do you think Chelsea can make the top four? With six games left, and with matches against teams like Arsenal, Leicester and Manchester city _ who all beat them in the first leg. Personally, I think it would be a great ask.

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