Few things you should be doing but you probably don’t

We’re in a new age and time and a lot of words get thrown around, contextually they get misused and misinterpreted. Words like ‘woke’, ‘normalize’ and the sorts. These things I am about to list may get people to call you ‘woke’ and that is not a bad thing.

1. Listen to podcasts: I personally enjoy them because it’s like you are sitting at all those expensive conferences for the rich but you’re not leaving comfort of your house or car. A few of my favorites are ted talks daily, ISWIS and the one by my very self. Particularly because it.

2. Subscribe to newsletters AND READ THEM: Its easy to just fill in your details when you are prompted by a webspace so the pop up can leave you alone. But this is something you should be deliberate about because newsletters are an excellent place where as popular and unreachable a person seems they become somewhat average there and relatable. My favorite letter has got to be #upandpersonalwithpresiosgaza.

3. Read articles: Medium is an amazing application for this, down side is you get only 3 paid stories a month, you could also read some on this very blog.

4. Watch YouTube: Most times, YouTube recommends videos that go in sync in what you’ve been thinking about, spooky, yes but it happens and spending a decent amount of time on YouTube ingesting knowledge is actually a good thing.

You’re welcome, I would like to be thanked in dollarz, the economy is not smiling.

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