Tunde Odunlade gallery: An absolute pitch of arts

Hi guys, it’s the second quarter of the year already. This year is faaast! Happy new month to all our readers. Today we bring another bit of touristy to your screen. Well yeah, you guessed right, it’s an art gallery again, but we promise you it will be worth the read, and we will be bringing you more spicy gists from our tours much later.

So I teamed up with travel tribe, a new brand in town that enjoys documenting their travels around Nigeria and Africa.
This time, they were visiting one of the finest art galleries in the city of Ibadan, and I decided to tag along.

Tunde Odunlade arts gallery is quite a beauty to behold, albeit not as huge as the Nike arts gallery in Lagos, but it’s not overly small too. And for a gallery that opened just last December, they did great with their arts compendium.
It’s a storey building filled with lovely art pieces that would drive you gaaga!

Just like topfat art gallery, artifacts include metal works, woodwork, beadwork, sculpture, fabrics, paintings and even books _ all for sale at affordable prices.

During the tour, I managed to get myself a leather wrist bead designed with some touch of africanness, and guess what! It only cost about 1$. So you can absolutely get beautiful pieces for a subtle price at the gallery.

The art house is located at Aare Bodija in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. And lest I forget, their opening hours is from 10am-7pm everyday, and entry is totally free. Check them up and thank me later.

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