Movie Review: Zack Snyder

Movie Review (Zack Snyder)

4 hours too little or too much?

No Spoilers Ahead, I hope

While hearing feedback of the movie from my friends that have seen it, one thing that stood out for me was the time frame; 4 hours!

I bet you I didn’t believe them, until I started the movie, fast forwarded to the middle and saw it wasn’t your typical 1-2 hours movie, then I knew, I was in for a ride.

For many DC lovers, this film was going to be their gotcha moment for all the slander they receive and it really was the joker card, Pun intended, they needed.
Snyder is an amazing writer and he shows off his talent once more with this piece of art, literally, it feels like you’re reading a book, only much cooler. One of the best part of this movie was the person’s ability to show to us the viewers a little back story on each of the main characters.

So when a Protagonist, say Cyborg (Ray fisher) shows up and you are trying to rack your still in a state a shock, your mind expanding to accommodate this new update, Zack takes us on a short journey into Cyborg’s past and you are able to connect with him on a personal level.

Feels a little like sorcery to me. So no, do not be phased by the time because when the movie is coming to an end, you’ll be the one wondering why.

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