What are you wearing?

I lead a very ‘I just want to be happy’ life, so my end goal before I throw on any piece of clothing is the comfort.

Will this item bring me comfort.

Unless of course I want to be boujee then comfort is my SECOND thought. (Let’s not get too wild here)

Today, I will be wearing a white baggy shirt that my mother got me, it has a basketball design that looks like it was handled by a werewolf and that’s why I really like it.

With a mom Jean, I did not hijack it from my elder sister, which on periods where I am not undergoing stress may pass for a normal Jean, so help me God, but right now they’re mummying.

And a pair of Converse my aunt got when she travelled.

It may seem like I am always gifted clothes, which I am…

Butttt I also get a lot for myself, I don’t know where this unhealthy obsession came from. Especially with my lack of money.

Anyway, here’s the full fit.

I may throw on a pair of shades and a face cap.


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