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Happiness is something that could well come naturally some times. In those times you just discover you’re literally ecstatic without reason(s). This could last for minutes or even hours, you feel so pumped up so much that it appears everything is suddenly dancing to your tune.

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It’s a beautiful moment that you cherish while it lasts. However, this shouldn’t be misconstrued one bit. It is not to say that you can’t be happy whenever you want or that your happiness depends on a particular thing or somebody, That would be distant from the truth.

Ideally, you could be happy, elated and exultant depending on your kind of person. You know whole ambivert, introvert and extrovert shit na? That one dey sha But asides that, things as little as waking up to see another day, having a decent plate of food before you every other day, seeing your loved ones around you, and so on might just be enough to make you always happy.

Evenly this is a good enough reason to be elated. However, for some persons, their happy is determined by the boldness and length of their account digits or by the reason of a well paid job, some even derive happiness in petty things such as the number of footwears in their racks or fabrics in their wardrobe. Interestingly for some, it could well be the number of followers and likes they get on instagram and other social media platforms.

In the meantime, as much as some of this insignificant things are good to possess, they shouldn’t be the pulley to your happiness, Little wonder people get depressed physically and mentally. They allow trivial things get into their heads and once this crazy thoughts forms, they become downcasted and their thinking takes a massive decline, resulting into health problems of various forms.

Happiness is good meal for the soul but how you go about it and the things through which you channel your happiness is equally key. You might be broke financially, Out of job or still job hunting with no real success. These are not enough reasons to be unhappy, That little grin goes a long way in adding to your life span.

Personally I feel it’s high time we managed our happiness effectively, Yes! I said manage. Everything about us can be managed, Our time, resources, work, family… Happiness too.

Don’t wait until someone makes you happy, get it for yourself by yourself and stop comparing yours with anothers’. If anything at all, just keep breathing, love yourself, accept yourself, but above all, always wear a smile. It has a way of adding to your cuteness. Only that way can you find true happiness wholly. Shalom!


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