Topfat art gallery: A serenade to aesthetics

Hi guys, it’s another sweet episode of touristy with your regular tourism promoter, Thewakawakaboy.
So I walked into Topfat art Gallery yesterday after work, and it’s safe to say that I got totally sold by the beautiful pieces that my eyes beheld at the gallery…It’s an absolute pitch of a find!. The Gallery is quite an astonishing art spot showcasing and array of artworks from around Nigeria and even beyond.

Topfat art gallery is seated somewhere around Adamasingba/Mokola axis of rhe city of rusted roofs _ Ibadan, and it’s been in existence for over fifteen years making it one of the foremost art galleries in Nigeria. Some other intriguing gists about this gallery are;

Entry into the gallery is absolutely pro bono

• One aspect I find quite enthralling is that the art showroom depicts a whole sense of africanness with several artworks representing the beauty of Africa. 

• The gallery is sub-divided into about four separate rooms, with each room containing an abundance of art works to tickle your fancy.

• The Gallery contains art pieces such as potteries, paintings, sculptures, canvas, woodword, metals and loads more.

• You could actually make a purchase of the art pieces as souvenirs or to  decorate and spice up your offices or homes.

Have you been to an art gallery before? Is it a part of aesthetics that you like? Would you tour one anytime soon?

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