5 guides to taking attractive pictures

1. Pay attention to your details:

Taking a good picture goes beyond being cute or having a remotely fine visage. It has a lot to do with the entire details.
Wondering what details is all about? Don’t sweat it, I’ll let you know. Your details is a combination of what you’re having on at the time of taking the picture and most importantly where you choose to take the picture. The former includes your fabric, spectacle, shoes, wristwatch, necklace, wristlaces and so on.

2. Resist the urge to look too straight into the camera:

This is quite another fact. Albeit a lot of people are guilty of this particular sin and it might just be the reason your pictures are not coming out real good.
That’s not to say pictures can’t look good if you look towards the camera direction o, but just so you know that most of your pictures would have been more beautiful if you hadn’t stared straight at the cam.

Try out this scope next time you’re posing for the camera and you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get. It’s a secret, and they won’t teach you in school.
Taking a look away from the cam doesn’t demean your picture. It doesn’tttttt.

3. Try using props while taking a shot:

Now this is quite key when posing for the cam. Those Instagram pictures you rave about aren’t as beautiful as they look in real sense. One of the reasons those pictures come out adorable all boils down to the appropriate use of props. Props can include briefcases, bags, mugs/cups, Laptops/phones, books etc. Generally, props are those things that can be held or put around you while taking an exposure albeit depending on what kind of exposure you intend to take.

4. Use filters moderately:

The application of filter(s) is paramount and can never go out of the window. However some people abuse the use of picture filters so much that their pictures end up looking awful. Learn to use filters moderately while ensuring that your picture doesn’t lose it’s quality and authenticity. I’m sorry but the truth is that the lady folks are more guilty of this. They filter some and it looks great, and other times their pictures look so paltry simply because of the application of too much filter combos.

5. Understand your background:

Similar to number 1 above, The knowledge of what your background looks like is apparently important and should never be overlooked or missed out. As a matter of fact, It should be scrutinised intoto because it could make or mar your picture.

Why won’t you rather be choosy about your picture background then? Next time you’re taking a picture, ensure that you’ve got a fine background and your picture would easily turn heads.

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